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Program at a glance

July 22nd

  • Registration desk open 08:00-15:00
  • Workshops and tutorials: 09:00-15:30
  • Lunch for the workshop and tutorial participants: 12:00-13:30, at Fat Lizard restaurant, click here for details

July 23rd

  • Registration desk opens at 08:00
  • Opening Ceremony - 09:00-9:30 in AS2
  • Keynote talk 1 9:30 - 10:30 in AS2: T. Fukuda “Multi-Scale Robotics - From brachiation robot to micro/nano robotic manipulation”
  • Technical sessions 10:50-12:10, 16:00-18:00
  • Keynote talk 2 13:00 - 14:00 in AS2: R. Luo “AIoT and Robotics Driving Paradigm Shift of Intelligent Manufacturing New Biz: Some Exemplary Best Practices”
  • Industry forum session 1 - 14:00 - 15:30 in AS2
  • Welcome Reception –- 19:00, at Hanasaari Hotel, click here for details

July 24th

  • Registration desk opens at 08:00
  • Technical sessions 08:30-10:30, 16:00-18:00
  • Keynote talk 3 - 11:00 - 12:00 in AS2: S. Tripakis “The Science of Software and System Design”
  • Keynote talk 4 - 13:00 - 14:00 in AS2: A. Isaksson “Fully Autonomous Manufacturing – Only a dream or future reality?”
  • Industry forum session 2 - 14:00 - 15:30 in AS2
  • Women in Engineering workshop - 14:00-18:00, at OIH
  • Conference Gala dinner –- 19:00, at Paasitorni, click here for details

July 25th

  • Registration desk opens at 08:00
  • Industrial visits bus departure: 08:00, return around 12:30
  • Technical sessions 09:00-10:40, 11:00-12:00, 15:00-17:00
  • IES Finland chapter workshop: 09:00-12:00 at AS2
  • Industry forum session 3 - 13:00 - 14:30 in AS2
  • Closing ceremony: 17:00-17:30 at AS2

Important Dietary Information

The lunches on July 23-25 will include a dish based on meat or fish. We are not asking in advance for any information about special dietary requirements. However, on each day there will be a vegan, lactose-free and gluten free option. The restaurant staff are happy to answer any further question about dietary requirements. In particular, if you have a special dietary requirement for which there is no suitable lunch option, please explain the situation to the restaurant staff, and they be happy to find a solution.

Lunches and Coffee breaks

July 23rd - July 25th

During the main conference July 23-25, lunches will be served in the TUAS building self-service restaurant from 11:00-13:30. To avoid queues, delegates are advised to have lunch outside of the midday peak hour.

Coffee Breaks are in the first floor hall of conference building.

  • Tuesday, 23rd July, 10:30-10:50, 15:30-16:00
  • Wednesday, 24th July, 10:30-10:50, 15:30-16:00
  • Thursday, 25th July, 10:40-11:00, 14:30-15:00

July 22nd

There are no coffee breaks scheduled for Monday, 22nd July.

Lunch will be served at the nearby restaurant Fat Lizard. Fat Lizard also has a bar serving locally brewed beer, so you may like to pop in with colleagues for beer (at your own expense) later during your stay.

Depending on which sessions you attend on July 22, lunch will be either at 11:00, 12.15 or 12.45. We will walk 400m from the conference venue at Maarintie 8 to the restaurant Fat Lizard, Tietotie 1, 02150 Espoo.

Remember to bring your badge. Buffet lunch is free as long as you have the badge. You do not need to announce your arrival at the restaurant. We can go directly to the reserved tables close to the buffet. There is a regular and a vegetarian buffet. Restaurants in Finland are well prepared to take care of guests with special dietary requirements. If you have any such requirement, please mention it to the restaurant staff.

Welcome Reception


Date: 23rd July
Time: 19:00
Location: Hanasaari - Hanaholmen Cultural Centre for Sweden and Finland, Hanasaarenranta 5, 02100 Espoo.


Public Transportation:

  • For an easy way to locate Hanaholmen/Hanasaari, go to the Journey Planner: Hanaholmen is served by the metro. The walking distance from the nearest metro station ”Koivusaari” to Hanaholmen is approximately 1,1 km.
  • In addition to the metro, Hanaholmen is served by buses 104, 143A, 146A, 147A ja 164A/164VA and 192:
    • Buses 143A, 146A, 147A ja 164A/164VA operate along Westway, between Helsinki city centre (Kamppi) and western Espoo, with a few minutes interval during rush hours on weekdays.
    • Bus 192 (V, T and K busses) operates along Westway between Inkoo and Kamppi (Helsinki city centre), few times in the morning and afternoon on weekdays.
    • Bus 104 works as a feeder bus between Hanaholmen and Lauttasaari metro station operating few times in an hour on weekdays and less frequently during weekends.
    • The bus stop along the Westway is cirka 400 metres from Hanaholmen.


  • Ask for Hanaholmen Cultural Centre, Espoo. The taxi journey from the city centre of Helsinki to Hanaholmen will take approximately 10 minutes and costs about 20 euro; from the airport it takes approximately 40 minutes and costs about 45 euros.
  • Please note that there is a risk of confusion, since there is a power station in East Helsinki called Hanaholmen, so be sure to ask the driver to take you to Hanaholmen Cultural Centre in Espoo.

Gala Dinner


Date: 24th July
Time: 19:00 (Doors to Dining hall opens 18:45)
Location: Helsinki Congress Paasitorni, Paasivuorenkatu 5 A, 00530 Helsinki.

Dress Code

Smart Casual


Public Transportation:

  • You can easily arrive at Paasitorni by public transportation. Many bus and tram lines run through Hakaniemi, and there is a metro station as well. The Central Railway Station is roughly a kilometer away, a distance easily covered on foot. For an easy way to locate Paasitorni, go to the Journey Planner:
  • In addition to the metro, Trams 3, 6 and 9 will take you directly to Hakaniemi market square from the front of the Central Railway Station.
  • Several buses departing from Railway Square (at the Central Railway Station, next to the Finnish National Theatre) have stops in Hakaniemi. These include bus numbers 62, 68, 71 and 75. If you arrive by metro from the city centre, get off at Hakaniemi station.